More on the Mysterious Gold Coins 

The story of the mysterious gold coins continues. Here they are “under the microscope”. Lol. I’m almost convinced they have something to do with #alchemy. I took the coins to the #AMORC lodge Sunday and no one knew what they were but it was confirmed they are not Masonic. Then during convocation we ironically discussed alchemy and the spiritual state of the soul being intertwined with the secret of the art. I told a story about a friend of the family whose rosary turned gold when I was a little girl. It moved the fraters and sororal and a frater who missed my gold coin show and tell. They thanked me for “bringing the gold”, having no idea that I literally brought the mysterious gold coins with me. Then I went home and looked up alchemy in my Masonic Morals and Dogma book and that was a trip too. I got the OK to have the book from a Master Mason so that is going to be bought and entered into my personal collection. I’ve been reading everything I can find on alchemy since Sunday and the more I read, the more I wonder about these coins. There is a shop I know of in town owned by an alchemist and they have an alchemy meetup. I guess that’s my next stop trying to figure out what the heck these things are and what they’re worth. They could just be trinkets or something a lot more valuable. Whatever they are though, the mystery is intriguing. @antiquebroker 👉🏻find treasures and more at

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