Looking Back and Celebrating My Successes

Celebration Fair 2018

It’s the Spring Equinox and it’s a season for growth and change. I just wrapped up my 2nd Celebration Fair at Denver Mart and I had a very prosperous weekend. I got to see a lot of my strongest local Magdalena Tarot supporters. It was wonderful reconnecting and also connecting with their families! I got lots of smiles and hugs and although I was under the weather, it meant so much to be there.

This fair was a mile stone for me because I put on my game face and really pushed myself to appear as professional as possible. I invested in a shiny, new sign that really helped me stand out. I also redid my logo and even had it put on t-shirts. And I broke my record for gross sum earned at a fair so my investments paid off! Most of what I earned will go back into Magdalena Tarot, but having the opportunity to make money to invest in my business was such a blessing.

Magdalena Tarot custom T-shirts by Bad Apple Boutique. A round of T-shirts is coming soon avaliable in men’s and women’s sizes with a choice of white or pink logo on a black T-shirt. Contact me to pre-order!

I keep surprising myself with how I am able to continue to grow. I’m still small in comparison to the big self help/psychic intuitive names but my steady growth assured me that I am heading in the right direction and that the future is limitless. I visualized everything I needed to up my game for this fair and I got it: the logo, the signs and the shirts. I even got my sign for free due to a silly mistake so now I have money to invest in some more t-shirts to gift to people who have worked with me. On a side note, I will be ordering the shirts soon so if you want to preorder, please let me know! More details to come as they develop.

All of my big wins really invited me to look back and see how far Magdalena Tarot has come since its inception 3 years ago. I had done a few fairs before I took Biddy Tarot’s Grow Your Own Tarot Business Online class but I hadn’t created a brand for people to remember yet. In the class, Bright challenged us to make a Tarot business plan and come up with something unique to set us students apart from the crowd. I knew I needed to do something to bring in an audience and build a network so, inspired by Rosina Bond Numerology and Brave Heart Astrology, I decided to create the Tarot Forecast as a way to combine all 3 types of divination to offer something different that no one else was doing at the time. As far as where the name Magdalena Tarot came from, I had just gotten into Qabalah and Hermetic studies after doing intense research for my first novel. I loved the mythology surrounding the love story between Mary Magdalene and Jesus and the mystery of the hidden feminine Divine and so I named my business in honor of Her — the hidden goddess/mother/creator/warrior.

First psychic fair I did in Denver summer 2016

Reading Tarot out for the first time in Denver in 2016 at the Denver Tarot Meetup Anniversary party!

I got off to a good start. The class gave me the tools I needed to build a base and to my surprise, when I moved to Denver a few months later, people here had already heard of me. So early in the game, I knew I had something that was working and I kept pushing.

Out reading tarot at Westword Artopia Winter 2017

With some art at Westword Artopia where I read Tarot and set up a Magdalena Tower booth with Antique Broker

Then I met Chris Guellef at Denver Tarot Meetup and he became my guide to networking in the Denver Tarot/Psychic/Intuitive community. I connected with Joy Vernon, organizer of Denver Tarot Meetup, where I’ve given a couple of talks. I also connected with independent deck creators and Tarot enthusiasts in town who have contributed to Magdalena Tarot. This led me to develop the Magdalena Tarot Partnership Program, hosting guest bloggers and reviewing decks. I decided to use my growing success to promote others in the Tarot community because as they always say, “promote what you love.”

And that’s working too. Someone at the fair mentioned that I’m a Tarot influencer and I was honored to hear that. I wouldn’t be an up and coming influencer without all the help and support I’ve had.

My trademark photo by Bellawillow Photography.

I’d also like to comment that if you’re trying to build a brand, design is everything. Because I’m an artist, design and aesthetics are so important to me. Part of my brand is the antique feel of my trademark images shot by Bellawillow photography and the mystical look to my logo and graphics done by Metaphysical Designs.

Early products that flopped

Some prototypes for necklaces from my early days of Magdalena Tarot

So it’s been 3 years since I started Magdalena Tarot. I went from a table in the back of a small metaphysical shop in Louisville, KY at a tiny psychic fair to doing huge metaphysical fairs that attract thousands of people in Denver. I hope to travel more and do more fairs outside of Denver and I’m sure that the opportunity will arise when the time is right. Maybe those 2 books I’m supposed to be pitching will help me with that. I just need to set aside time for them. I’ve tried some things that have stuck and some things that flopped (like having a column in a magazine where I clashed with the editor and teaching a class that was way too complicated). There are also projects that have been put aside that I need to blow the dust off of, (like the Magdalena Tarot Deck and revising 2 books) but I keep going and growing.

More early products.

The first and only batch of Magdalena Tarot Candles. Now Collector’s Items! haha.

However, things happen in Divine timing. I am blessed to have such a loyal audience and I’m also blessed to have the opportunity to use my psychic/intuitive gift to help people. Recently I came into the knowledge that my life purpose is to be a helper and Magdalena Tarot helps fulfill my life purpose. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life too.

I wonder where we’ll be in another 3 years?

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