Lion’s Gate Opening 8/8/18

I have no explanation for the story that follows. Some of the names and places in this tale have been changed but the events are real.

So some of you may have heard of my etsy, Magdalena Tower (insert shameless self promotion for Magdalena Tower). I have a business partner, Linda, who I run a small vintage and antique boutique for. Our theme is vintage and antique occult and astrology items and we really work hard to curate the shop. The stock is usually kept at about 50 items or so to keep the selection “witchy and kitschy”.

So a customer bought a cute, sterling silver sun pendant. I sent it to her but Etsy had the wrong address so it came back to me. The customer and I talked and she asked me to resend it to her, which I gladly agreed to do.

I Went to the PO and remailed the package before I went to FL 2 weeks ago.

I came home today and, son of a bitch, the package was sitting on my counter and it looked like it had been run over by a truck at the sleaziest truck stop in the US. The envelope was filthy dirty; it was ripped open and it looked like someone had tried to retake it and ripped it open again. NOTE; never tape my packages closed. The package was covered in big, red stamps that said, “Return to sender” and “stolen”.

My heart broke.

I love sending treasures to people, making their packages and blessing them goodbye. I love doing cold tarot readings for strangers who buy my stuff and putting extra goodies in my packages to surprise my customers. I love my customers because they give the cool, forgotten items Linda and I find another chance.

Linda and I have experienced theft before. We’ve done a few booths at events and we’ve had a handful of people steal our stuff. But when it happens, Linda always says, “If someone steals my stuff, I just figure they need it more than I do.”

So I had a bad feeling looking at that jacked up envelope. Like something bad happened to it and the thief really needed the money.

And my heart broke a little more as I sent compassion to whoever was desperate enough to steal the necklace.

So I took a deep breath and e-mailed the customer. And this was her shocking reply.

Read the conversation below now.







ISN’T THAT CRAZY??? I have no explanation for this.

Except I’ve been working with the name of god that brings Miracles. Maybe that’s the reason 😂

So that, among other things, was my Lion’s Gate Opening. How about yours?

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