Archangel Gabriel Channeling Live Wednesday Night Denver

I’ve been underground for a while; I had a medical emergency and achieved a glimpse of illumination. I quit doing Magdalena Tarot and went within. Then Notre Dame burnt. I had such a psychic experience that day that I could no longer deny that it is time to share my channeled messages with the world under the name of the messenger who has been speaking through me. I’ve been channeling.

I’ve been channeling Archangel Gabriel since 2006 but only after I took a message I channeled to an Archangel Metatron channeling and was told by the medium that I should switch places with her because of my gift, I decided to be open about my Gabriel connection.

I channeled many messages in my series that I am still working on finding the right modality to release it between 2006 and 2013. I spent most of 2014-2015 preparing to pitch the work as mystical fiction. However, those messages are not ready to be released. When the time is right, they will be.

Magdalena Tarot was the work of a weekly practice in channeling initiative astrology with Archangel Gabriel.

But on April 15, 2019, I received the message that now is the time to shift modalities and let Gabriel speak directly with the living and the dead who will be present Wednesday night.

The format of the broadcast is coming soon. There will be a time for questions. A select number of psychics and healers in Denver have been chosen to be present in my audience in person.

More details available coming soon.

If you found Magdalena Tarot to be accurate, drop in for a listen and I may answer a question for you during the session.

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