More Backing and Breakthroughs!

Well, I’m officially 40 days away from reaching my goal for the graphic novel pitch on Kickstarter.  And a week after launch, I’m 10% funded. That’s pretty exciting! 

I decided to hit up a trendy area of town with some flyers today and I was really impressed how they turned out. I’m going for a music or a concert flyer look because my story is based in the music industry.  Here’s another flyer I made. 

As above, So below

I was also contacted by a comic Kickstarter podcast and  asked if I wanted a little advertising blurb on their show so I said “OK”. I recorded my pitch like a radio DJ and it was pretty fucking hilarious. I’m going to ask the producer if I can get a copy of the audio to use in my own promotions. It will sound really good once I have material to make a video with. 

A snap of one of my original creations, the original Scarlet Letter Tee from Ripped Lace

I only put up a few flyers today but the ones I put up went to places where I think there’s an audience for the project. My flyer got a really nice welcome at a Record Store and it will fit right in with the other concert and album release posters which was the plan. It looks legit for them to give it a good spot since all the flyers they put up are approved.

So after my first week of Kickstarter I learned that there are a lot of people out there ready to believe in what I’m doing and that’s exciting! Producing Where There is No Night has been a dream of mine that I’ve chased for a long time and I still haven’t given up. 

I heard that when Madonna was getting started, she was relentless. She’d go all over New York, showing up night after night trying to convince DJs to play her songs. She almost quit because of all the rejection but she pushed through and got a break. I want to be a strong woman that knows that her art was good enough to sell and she’d make it no matter what. I’m clear on what I want and I’m ready for this to happen. 

Thank you so much for making this happen with me. You can back me here.

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