30 More Days to Go and 34% Funded!

The wall is growing! Thanks to Seth Thomas’ generous donation yesterday, I’m now 34% funded!! I have 30 more days to go before the fundraiser ends 😱 But the love and support from my community has been amazing! Today my writing class teacher told me she saw one of my flyers on the street and told me it really grabbed her attention. Another friend told me on a phone conversation that she’s enjoying watching the project take off. And another friend brought me some supplies to hang up flyers when we met up today. My roommate high fives me every time I get a donation and one of my backers said he’ll hang up flyers in Kentucky for me. I am even going to have a little advertising blurb on a podcast. It’s exciting to see how this is expanding. And I’m looking forward to buying that plaque for all my founders and engraving their names on it when I hit $500. To donate, go here

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