33 More Days to Go and 15% Funded!

Kickstarter  has been an interesting experiment. It’s almost like a reality show about figuring out how to get patrons.

But being challenged creatively like  this  is rewarding because every time someone donates to my campaign, I’m inspired. It feels good to know that people out there want to buy this story so they donate! A lot of the donors are people who have been  following my art for years but I do have one unknown to me contributor, which is inspiring  too.

Because I’m  a long time artist, more often then not, I struggle to find the funds to produce the level of art I feel I’m capable of producing. But I believed in my work so much I got a second job to fund this project.

But my savings has to go to surgery now. Due to an injury and a botched surgery, I’ve started to lose my mobility. I keep walking and I stay strong but I am fighting chronic pain that got worse and worse over the years. I finally saw the podiatrist a couple of months ago and was told that I need surgery to remove hardware from my foot. So all of my savings from my part time job for this graphic novel is going to fix my foot now. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to lessen the pain.

So I could put my project on hold or ask for help. I’ve decided that there’s no harm in asking for help if I offer something in return. So if you are generous enough to help fund this change to produce a work of art, I want to take you on the journey with me. I’m a strong believer in the power of collective consciousness — that belief alone creates reality.

And even though I’m only at a few backers now, it’s interesting why my backers have decided to support me. From people who read the comics I wrote in high school to express my opinion about how absurd being a teenager is to friends who followed my travel blog to people who beta read a few drafts of the novel, it’s good to know that there are  people who are looking forward to being part of the work I’m creating and that’s pretty powerful.

So thank you for supporting me again, everyone. You guys are the golden founders of this project.

15 percent funded

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