We are the Witches You Cannot Burn

This art and poem are excerpts from Life: It’s Just a Phase by Alanna L.P., Available from most major book retailers in the US and several internationally. You can purchase it from Amazon here. Download the Kindle Reader App for your phone if you don’t have a Kindle to enjoy this book no matter where you go.

We are the Witches You Cannot Burn

My father had antlers

And so did my grandfather

And his father

And his father too. 

We live deep in the woods

Where no one will find us

The Christians ran us out of town

Centuries ago

We are the ones

Who dance by the firelight

We are the ones 

Who make shadows in the night. 

But do not fear us

We are of the land

We honor the seasons

And follow the path of the right hand.

If you want to see us

Stand beneath the full moon

And raise your arms to the sky

Let your sense rule.

We are never cruel.

We are the flashes in the dark

We are the crows in the park

We are the magic that’s all around

We are the witches you cannot burn. 

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