Launching Magdalena Magazine

Hi Everyone! 

This week I have a new video to share with you along with another big announcement! 

First, I mentioned that I was going to start teaching some very basic astrology when I relaunched. This week, you’re in for a treat because I’m kicking off my first astrology lesson in this new video! In this video I teach you how to build an astrology clock so that you can follow the planets through the zodiac with me. Don’t miss this week’s video!

It seems like these big announcements just keep coming. The relaunch of Magdalena Tarot has helped me see how innovative I can be. I decided that it would be interesting to expand on the idea of “all Magdalena Tarot content in one place” and launch a magazine that contains all of my content from the past month from my newsletter plus bonuses. 

So please put the launch date for the first issue of Magdalena Magazine, “The Fool” on your calendar: April 21, 2021. Each following monthly issue will be released on the day the zodiac turns. Each issue of Magdalena Magazine will include the full text lessons for the previous month’s Tarot card, art and writing featured in the weekly newsletter plus exclusives.

I’ve also decided to serialize my novel, Where There is No Night: The Last Moments before Dusk, in Magdalena Magazine. Each issue will contain a chapter from my novel along with an original tarot card based on the chapter. I am commissioning an artist to draw the pictures and I will be the colorist. The novel itself and the cards are very graphic so please be advised that this publication is NSFW! If you are sensitive to graphic content, there will be a warning before the excerpt so you can stop reading before we get into the series. 

Magdalena Magazine is completely free, but if you want a jump start on the lessons, or if you’d like to tip me for my work (I’m paying a graphic designer to do the layout and hiring an artist to do exclusive artwork), you can buy the current month’s lesson on Etsy which will be up to speed with what we’re studying in real time. I will also be selling advertisement space in each issue as well as taking submissions if you want to get your work out there in the metaphysical community! 

Magdalena Magazine will be available for download from Amazon and also on . My preference is that you please download the magazine from Amazon to help me reach a bigger audience. And leaving reviews really helps too! 

Spring has certainly come to Magdalena Tarot with lots of new beginnings. I hope you’re having a beautiful spring (or fall depending on your hemisphere) and looking forward to sharing more exclusive Tarot, writing and art with you! 

Thanks for continuing to dream big with me! This wouldn’t be possible without you! 

Alanna L.P.

P.S. If you want to stay up to date on everything Magdalena Tarot, please subscribe to my newsletter here!

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