A Sneak Peek at Magdalena Magazine’s Debute Issue Table of Contents

I’m working with a graphic desinger to make the layout of Magdalena Magazine sleek and attractive. I put togeter a table of contents and wanted to give you a sneek peek of what the contents will be.

Table of Contents

  1. Letter from the Editor
  2. Call for Submissions


  • Intro to Magdalena Tarot Method
  • The Fool Video
  • The Fool Text

Etsy Advertisement


  • Astrology Clock Video
  • Predictions

Life:It’s Just a Phase Advertisement

Where There is No Night: The Last Moments Before Dusk

  • Cover
  • Intro to story
  • Darius Character Designs
  • Arella Character Designs
  • Michael Character designs

Hope this gets you just as excited as I am! Looking forward to sharing this with you!

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