Happy Full Moon in Scorpio

What is hidden that has come to light during Full Moon in Scorpio?

I honor the Full Moon 3 days before and 3 after for magick. I wrote a love spell for my friends and I to do together for full Moon (although I did it with the intention of self love). I tidied up my apartment to clear the energy and get ready for the spell. I lit up my altar, tidied up a bit more and sat down to do some journaling.

For me, journaling is a 2 part process. First I free write.

Then I go back over old entries and “alchemize” limiting thoughts and feelings by crossing them out with a gold marker. That way I admit my shadows and give myself time to process them before I clear them.

On the night of the Scorpio Full Moon, I went back and reread several entries that needed to be alchemized.

I was having pesky dreams and strange synchronicities revolving around a former lover that made my life really difficult. He was my old apartment manager and it made my housing situation really complicated.

I was pretty much done with him since I moved out at the end of January— but I had to see him in mid March to get a package that went to my old address. I thought “Maybe we could patch things up or at least settle on a friendship”. But he was all business when he dropped off my package (even though he went out of his way to bring me my mail when he had a post office around the corner).

I was put off so I confronted him in text after he left and he point blank lied to me. SoI left him on read.

I had no desire to see him again. I hate it when people think they can treat me like an idiot, lie to me and expect that to be OK. But I sensed that leaving him on read was getting to him because there were a couple of really weird things that happened next.

A couple weeks after he dropped my package off, I was on a business call and the caller randomly called me out when he asked me out of the blue, “What do you think when you hear (insert name here)?”

Now that that’s psychic ability! The person on that business call doesn’t know me from Adam… and most people have no idea I was even in that love affair because of the unprofessional nature of the relationship.

Then, right after that call, I got a call from the pharmacy to come get my Covid shot — right across the street from my old place.

I was shocked and relieved that my ex lover didn’t walk into the pharmacy but I was on edge the whole time I was there.

My ex lover also stepped into my dreams a few times but I brushed it off.

But the last straw was when I had an inappropriate dream about him and the next day, a friend gave me a key to my old place back even though I moved two months ago. My friend said he had been forgetting to give the key back to me.

After that, I knew I had to clear the left over energy from that relationship. I wanted that energy GONE because even though this guy is sexy af, he’s also first class liar. If he’s thinking about me or if I have a subconscious attachment that needs to go, either way, the energy needed to be cleared.

So I crossed out all the things I’d written about my ex lover in my journal with my gold marker. I wrote about how I waited for him and wanted him in the past. I wrote “Return to sender” and “Banish” over the the feelings and thoughts I wanted gone. And something lifted. I didn’t feel heavy any more. It felt like the blindfold in the 8 of swords fell off and I wondered why in the world I felt like that guy was so important when clearly he was just playing games with me.

I did send him a brief text messaging to close that loop hole back into my life and simply told him that I wish the best for him. No reply so I think it’s finally done.

I don’t feel heavy and I don’t feel an attachment to him any more. Now I have more energy to attract the kind of lover I want now that my ex lover is behind me.

I had prepared a sigil to see the face of my future lover since I am trying to call in a man that can be my equal. I thought the clearing may have opened a door, but all I had was a dream about someone else who also played games with me out of boredom and hurt me deeply. So I have another energetic connection to clear.

I prepared another spell to deal with that and worked that out tonight. It will be interesting to see what happens.

I feel like the Universe is asking me to beat bosses to level up my love game.


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