NEW Ripped Lace T-Shirts!

I’ve been working on relaunching my clothing line, Ripped Lace. I’m hoping to break it away from Magdalena Tower eventually but for now, my clothing line can be found in my Etsy shop. Check out my new designs in Magdalena Tower

I thought long and hard about if it was OK to put this design on a t-shirt. I studied Buddhist art in college. I also lived in Japan and practiced Buddhism and Shintoism and I still incorporate elements of the religions into my own practice. So I think it’s OK, especially because Avaloniteshvara is one of my absolute favorites with his thousand arms of compassion reaching out to embrace the world. I did the piece in neon because sometimes in deep meditation I feel illuminated or “luminescent”. This shirt is available in green, white and blue sizes S-XXL

This is a replica of a Mucha piece that I included in my book of short stories Life:It’s just a Phase available on Amazon. It is only available in white.

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