Here is a #sneakpeek of the initial #sketch my artist sent me of the line work for #TheWorld card for the first installment of #wherethereisnonight in#magdalenatarotnagazine. I have the finished line work now and it is EXACTLY what I wanted and I’m a little intimidated now that I am officially the colorist of the project.

I just spent a good 2 hours working on #coloring my custom #tarotcard for the first chapter of my novel and I am beat … I broke my arm and now my art director is helping me wrap up all the writing for the next issue of the magazine. But the coloring is still on me.

My artist who did the line work is classically trained and I’m sitting here looking at my work like “Ok, so why did I decide to not get that degree in illustration again?” Idk if I can do this …

I started first with illustration markers but they drowned out a lot of my artist’s delicate line work so I switched to #coloredpencil

That was a way better choice but I feel like I still drowned out some line work on my POC

I’ve spent a lot of time practicing how to color different skin tones because I think every #artist should know that but I think I went too dark in some shadows

The good news is I can print the card and color it again and again but I feel like if I stick with what i’m doing and come back to it tomorrow I’ll get a good result. I’m just wiped out from sitting up for so long since I’m still running a fever

But look at me … I’m becoming a #graphicnovel #colorist like I wanted to be all along …

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