A Secret Hidden in the Ace of Swords

I learned something new while creating this version of the #AceOfSwords for the predictions in the upcoming issue of Magdalena Tarot Magazine. The Hebrew name of god ייי appears twice, once above and once below. This name of god, when used in meditation or chanted, is thought to remove negativity from your life. The number 3 in numerology represents 2 becoming one and 3 is a reduced version of the number 6. 6 represents the joining of “masculine” and “feminine” principals to create. Since this card represents the spark of all the air ruled attributes like communication, creativity and matters of the intellect, it’s interesting that ייי appears here, perhaps as a way of removing negativity from our thoughts and actions as we begin the journey through the suit of swords.

See this card and others in the Old Tyme Tarot in this upcoming issue of Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 4: #TheEmperor #Virgo 2021

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