Angel Numbers

Although I’m not into Doreen Virtue style angelology and I’m a devotee of Hermeticism, I’ve found some pop culture angel resources to be excellent compliments to my mystical practices recently. It was almost like my own Holy Guardian Angel was like “You’re thinking way too hard about all of this.” I‘ve been noticing a lot of repeating numbers lately and one of my mentors recommended Doreen Virtue’s Angel numbers book. I put the numbers together and got this message in the photos. It resonated with me because of the mounting popularity of my work. As an occultist, I’m perfectly happy with my work reaching those it’s meant to reach, even if it’s just a small circle of fellow mystics. But seeing my work expand is undeniably exciting. I recognize the creative force within me as being Divine and in Hermeticism, the creator IS the greatest artist of ALL. So as my life changes and I come to see myself as a cocreator with the Absolute, doors keep opening. I have some exciting announcements coming soon. Stay tuned.

So even though I think Doreen Virtue is a charlatan and a fraud, her affirmations made me feel optimistic about all the opportunities coming my way.

Doreen, Virtue, Ph.D.; Lynnette Brown. Angel Numbers. HayHouse, 2005 pp. 32, 17-18, 188, 30, 14, 222, 62, 28.


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