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I went to the loveliest wedding last night. Matt and Brian got married at a rooftop celebration in West Denver. It was chilly but the love of my dear friends kept us warm. It was an inclusive ceremony with people from all walks of life present which is my idea of heaven: an all inclusive existence filled with love and harmony.

Because #TheLovers card is the path of the month for #MagdalenaTarotMagazine, Matt and Brian’s wedding reminded me of the brightest lesson of the lovers card: that love conquers all.


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Love is a patient, love is kind, love is a battlefield, love is a choice. In this issue of Magdalena Tarot Magazine, we take a deep dive into the magick of The Lovers Tarot card. You’ll learn about the pleasure and pain this card foretells as we continue on our Fool’s Journey. You’ll also get a couple extra articles, the Scorpio forecast, the next installment of Where There is No Night, original artwork and the guidelines for the next issue. 

Fall in Love with Magdalena Tarot Magazine in Issue 6: The Lovers.

Read Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 6: #thelovers #scorpio2021 out now! Go to the link in bio to purchase the current issue of #MagdalenaTarotMagazine and catch with back issues. If don’t have a #kindle, there’s an app you can download to read my #magazine on your phone!

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