When Trees Walked before Humans

I had a cool dream that some trees recited a poem to me about how they used to walk around before humans. They had the most interesting voices. They were windy but echoing and strong. Bassy. I’ve never heard anything like it. What a comforting dream in a stressful and uncertain time . I’m moving into a spiritual center that is in a house that does plant music so it may have inspired this dream. 🌳🙏🏻✨ A friend shared this pic and it went with my dream so well I thought I’d share! I also included a pic of me with an ancient tree at Ise Shrine from my time in Japan.

As for Magdalena Tarot Magazine, my graphic designer didn’t get the last issue to me so until I can afford to pay a graphic designer to get the issues to me on time, the publication is on hold.

I’m super bummed because it was a wonderful publication with a strong, loyal following but it didn’t pay me enough to fund producing it. I I can’t finance it on my own so for now, you can read back issues here

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