Ace of Cups: Recognizing You are Loved

Yesterday I got the Ace of Cups for my card to read at Body, Mind, Spirit. The Ace of Cups was an early Magdalena Tarot logo so I thought I would have a good day. And I did. But the card’s meaning wasn’t just about being prosperous, it was about feeling the love in my community and being cared for while I’m sick.

I didn’t feel good yesterday. I’ve been sick for over a month and reading at a psychic fair was something I wasn’t up to.

My doctor and I have been tracking my blood work for 2 years and it could be something very serious. I’ve made a lot of lifestyle changes but it’s not getting the numbers we want under control. Quite frankly, it’s scary. Sometimes I have so much energy and other times I’m so fatigued that all I can do is sleep. All week I was just trying to make it to Friday (the fair) so I could make it to Monday, (when I go back to work) and slide into a PTO day on Tuesday. I told myself to stay strong and keep my hand face on and just power through it.

But Friday morning my voice was shot and my energy was so low I had to cancel. The fair fined me for it and I committed to going Saturday if I had a clean COVID test. I took a COVID test, tested negative and masked to to read at the table I had paid $200 for before COVID (lol).

The fair was a beautiful experience while I had the energy to be there. I felt like I needed to be there to deliver messages because people need to hear messages of Hope right now. Gabriel stayed with me most of the day. My channel was so clear and her voice just came through. Gabriel even introduced herself to some of my clients, had me put down the cards and just channel, which is something I don’t usually do when I’m reading publicly. I had so many big messages to deliver. A lot of people cried. The messages just came through with love and beauty.

But I got static in my voice halfway through the day and it gave out. I’m used to the long hours at this fair and the payout is worth it when I’m in good health.

And yesterday was great for money. It kept flying out of customer’s hands and into mine, butI was praying for the customers to stop coming because I was so sick and I just wanted to go home.

But my community took care of me. I was fined for canceling on Friday because I had to go to the doctor, rest and recover my voice. But Saturday I found our someone paid for my fee for me!

My good friends, Ashton and Mona, stopped by and I took a break from reading to talk to them. They reminded me I’m loved and need to take care of myself. I started thinking about shutting down early but I was sad because no one would be using my space on Sunday (today).

Then another good friend, Zyrina, stopped by and offered to do a reading for me. This gave me a much needed break.

Zyrina’s reading was such a nice reading that I offered to give her my booth for Sunday. She was ecstatic, management for the fair was cool with it, and I had someone to break down my setup and deliver it to me at the end of the fair.

I got a ride home from my friend taking over my table and my boyfriend and I had pho and snuggles. Zee took over caring for me because I was weak and exhusted. But thanks to my community and my boyfriend, I went to sleep feeling loved and cared for.

So I made back my table, didn’t have to deal with that fine for Friday and gave someone the chance to read in my place on Sunday so I could rest up. Now I just have to make it to Tuesday when I have PTO scheduled and I can dedicate a full day to rest, relaxation and recovery.

So the Ace of Cups showed up to remind me that I am a loved and valued member of my community. And for this, I am thankful 🕊❤️

I don’t know where things are going with my health. I’m considering even bigger life changes in hopes we can get these blood work numbers where they need to be. In the end, I think it will be good. I know I am loved and supported in my community as I work towards living a healthier, happier life so I can continue to be of service to my community. 🙏🏻

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