Coming soon … brick and mortar shop???

Can we just appreciate for a minute his my hair matches my shirt???

It’s been strange lately getting clear about what I want the next couple of years to look like career wise. I’ve been building Magdalena Tarot for almost 10 years and I sometimes feel frustrated that I haven’t been able to open a brick and mortar shop yet. Usually I feel that is obtainable “sometime in the future” in that fuzzy “2-3 year” outlook.

I keep going into hibernation, reinventing my brand, relaunching, and coming back only to take space again. Usually, the project does great but isn’t anything more than a side hustle because I don’t have the resources to quit my job and live my dream full time.

For example, Magdalena Tarot Magazine was doing great. I had a loyal and growing number of people who faithfully read it. I got to teach astrology, tarot, share my brand and test out what a graphic novel may look like. But I went into a hibernation mode again because I take care of a spiritual center now (see books behind me) and I wanted to focus on running a space. I see taking care of a metaphysical church as an opportunity to learn how to run a public space. It’s been pretty eye opening and I feel excited.

I think I’ve wanted to open a shop as far back as I can remember. I want my shop to be an alchemist corner and have for years, but I didn’t know what that would *look like* in it’s inception. I could see the big vision when the shop is successful but I couldn’t see how to actually move towards opening one.

I decided to take a part time job managing a spiritual center. It keeps me busy. But by turning away from the attachment to an idea about the way the shop would open, I discovered the answer I was seeking.

I rent 2 rooms in the metaphysical center: one is my bedroom and the other is an attic area. I can run a small alchemist corner out of the large attic room I rent.

If the board approves, I will be holding a metaphysical craft class in the attic of the spiritual center once a month. People will pay in advance for supplies and we’ll explore what living a magical life means. My personal library will be accessible and I will also store my Etsy wares in the space and use it to get the shop running at full steam again. I want to have refreshments in the kitchen. I’m also planning a garden because I want my shop to have a beautiful garden and I can get the hang of gardening.

I have been given a lot of freedom as to how I keep the grounds of the spiritual center. I have spent a lot of time getting to know this space and it’s teaching me things about itself. I’m also present at the board meetings and we’ve been working together on a list of improvements for the center.

All of this is helping me get a clearer vision of the next step … probably a car … so I can stock the center as needed in bulk and buy flowers and decor to make the grounds look “magical”

So next … who wants to give me a car??

I get all my good ideas in the spring.

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