COVID and Animal Abuse

I had a COVID fever dream in which a former friend who is an environmental scientist and I were at the meat counter (neither of us eat meat tho) at the grocery store. I asked her if she thought COVID came from a lab and she said yes. But I think we were at the meat counter in the dream because it literally came from ”the meat”.

I’m going to sound a tad Shamanic here but stick with me because COVID and I had a Shamanic journey under the blood moon together. I’ve been communicating with the sickness and the root of where it came from on a spiritual level since then. And it’s time to speak up. So if you think I sound crazy idgaf, but I feel perhaps that dream was a message from the poor animal that was the cause of this sickness. And after listening to the message in COVID, this is what I have to say.

I rarely get on a vegetarian high horse. But truthfully, I’ve been pescatarian for well over half of my life because of the abuse we hand over to the animal kingdom. When I was 8 I watched a 20/20 special on the stock houses and it was shocking. From that day forward I couldn’t eat meat without tapping into the sorrow and fear that brought my dinner to me. I would just start crying at dinner and shamefully hand a full plate back to my mom and tell her I was full.

Meat was also making me really sick. I had a bad, puffy, inflamed rash all over my face that would not go away.

I was also obese.

Around the same time, I heard a Bible passage about kosher meat and a preacher talking about why eating kosher was important to the Jewish people. The thing that struck me was how it was forbidden to eat meat that was not ethically handled and that made a lot of sense to me as a child after the graphic expose I watched.

The effects these these two events had on me made me approach my mom and tell her I thought what we are doing with our meat supply us wrong and ask her if she would support my decision to stop eating meat. And she did.

Then something surprising happened. The pounds melted off me like butter and the rash cleared up. I had a new body. I felt healed. And even though I was just a 3rd grader when the changes started I knew it was because I wasn’t eating meat and all the hormones from fear and all the chemicals they pump the meat full of were not in my diet any more.

So I’ve been outside the carnivorous way of life for 30 years. I have a different opinion than most because of that and although I keep my opinion to myself 99% of the time, I’m so sick I want to share my opinion. And if you don’t like it fucking fine. Keep scrolling. But this is what I think.

In my opinion, COVID is the way animal abuse feels. It’s all the fear and sickness and sadness and anxiety the animal felt who was caged for dinner when the cross over happened. they say these kinds of cross overs will happen more because of global warming . Have you noticed that they show stock house cages and pins being cleaned when a new cross over threat is on the horizon? If we respected the life we take, we would have less opportunities for the cross overs to happen. I’m not a scienctist or anyone important or smart, but I feel the power of animal abuse pumping through my body right now. That energy lives on through this virus and we all get to feel it who catch it.

It should be a wake up call.

I’m not a militant herbavor. If you eat meat that’s fine. But I implore you to be more conscious of where our meat comes from and the animal abuse in the supy chain. If anything, COVID should inspire humanity to treat the environment, animals and each other better. If not, the future looks pretty fucking bleak.

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