Let there be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me

Denver:My Town

It’s tough out there but I’m lucky to have stable housing and a stable job. That is so much more than so many others these days.

I don’t know who I’ve told and who I haven’t because I’m usually private about where I live but this living situation is a little different. My housing puts me in a visible role in the community. In January I moved into a spiritualist church to be the caretaker of Unity Temple, located in a historic home.

It’s been quite the adventure but it’s rewarding. I currently work with the Unity Temple board, a day homeless shelter in the basement, Hope, a local community garden organization, Grow Colorado, and local groups who use the space like Amanda EK’s creative circle and more. I make sure the space looks good for meetings and services and also report maintenance issues. I shovel snow, mow grass, trim rose bushes, water plants and keep the energy here positive and balanced.

I also have my own projects like beautifying the grounds with help from
Ashton Cabot and Xzavier Cangas. We’ve been taming a very overgrown yard, planting and also planning a fire pit. I also got the OK to reach out to local beekeepers and bring bees to the backyard, build a little library and paint some murals in the back yard. It’s been empowering to be a part of the team that uses and takes care of this building. I’m now on the board’s grant writing committee now so we can get money for much needed repairs.

Overall, this position is teaching me how to become a community organizer to prepare me to run for local office in the next 10 years. I believe that change starts on the local level and it can be a pinpoint like changing things on your block and letting that radiate outwards. For me, it’s even more localized — I’ve been bringing change radiating out from my home. Too many people watch NBA like politics with superstar politicians not doing anything. It’s time to bring power back to our communities and make changes with state and city laws since Washington is a lost cause.

We sing “Let peace begin on earth and let it begin with me” at the end of services. I feel a connection with those words even more as I work to make positive change happen in these dark time.

Denver sure has taken care of me💖 I appreciate that, and now I’m giving back.

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