7/14/22 “I Am Not Alone”

“I am not alone.”

MagdalenaTarot Uplifting daily tarot forecast with original coloring by Alanna L.P.

Thursday 7/14/22

Numerology: 9

Moon Enters Pisces 1:13 AM PST

The Tower could bring disruptions to your day. Be prepared for potentially shocking upheavals that bring big changes to your life. Acting out irrationally to shocking events could cause accidents so try to stay calm no matter how disruptive your day may be. The Pisces Moon could cause you to not see things as they are so sit with new information instead of jumping to conclusion. If you’re having a bad day, tap into your support system. They will give you the empathy you need to approach these changes head on.

Mantra: I am not alone.

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