Blessed Lammas

Lammas: When Summer Gets Spooky

Can anyone pause for a moment and honor #Lammas with me since it is tomorrow and our first harvest festival of the year? It’s that time when summer gets spooky. summer horror movies are fun to watch and we start seeing skeletons and #Halloween decorations in stores.

I don’t think our Christian nation planned it, but all harvest festivals are death festivals in many Western earth based religion paths. So it makes sense to me starting to get ready for Halloween in August. As the lighter half of the year fades, we start to recognize that we reached our peak of sunlight and there are more darker days than lighter ones ahead. Which means the growing season has also peaked.

I find Lammas to be that place where Halloween lovers and summer lovers can find a common ground. Because I love both Halloween AND summer.

For the record, I love skeletons and sunflowers together. It’s totally time for Halloween decorations. I think it’s something we should normalize. 💯🎃

Here is a gallery of graphics that is a good starting point for learning about Lammas


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