It Was a Nice Lammas

#blessedlammas Today was nice, I planned a #Lammas celebration with my partner. We went to the oddities shop and got some bones got some bone magick. Then we went to Dollar Tree and I found a really cool Halloween skull candle, some synthetic bones, a autumn themed fairy garden set and some garden lights.

When we got home I spent time in the garden contemplating my first harvest. Although it’s not what I imagined exactly, I do live in a Victorian mansion with a garden. I’m working on a new book. I have a lot of abundance in my life and although I’m not where I aimed to be, my life is improving every year and I’m proud of how far I’ve come as a person and how much wisdom I’ve developed. I kept getting the 7 of Pentacles during self reads lately and that is how I feel. I’m doing well and learning what I can do better next time around. And that’s been my experience with gardening too.

After dinner my partner and I sat in the garden and I admired what I’ve spent this summer building: a relaxing little spot where I can get a little bit of nature in a concrete inner city. I admired the way our new, solar power lights that I used to line the walkway and the pretty little solar powered glass lantern I hung by the gate made the foliage twinkle like there were faeries about.

Then my partner and I came inside and began our working for the evening. We wrote tunes and other things on all our bones and placed them with done stones around the skeleton candle and honored the dying summer — Mabon is just 6 weeks away— and ensuing harvest.

Tonight I will finish my article for OutFront and go to bed counting my blessings and looking forward to my next harvest.

Blessed Lammas!


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