Channeling Buster: a Spooky Piano Lesson

Are you ready for a ghost story?

My partner, Zee, is patiently teaching me to play piano with equipment we bought at the church yard sale. I got a nice keyboard with a stand and Zee got a guitar amp.

Zee and I have been having regular “band practice”in the church ball room. Zee plays the guitar and I try to figure out what the hell I’m doing with a programmed beat on the keyboard.

Usually, I’m just practicing simple cords. But last night, all of a sudden, I busted into this bad ass rock piano solo.


Zee and I started jamming like a real rock band. And all of a sudden, I was belting this 1950s style rock-n-roll song about Friday night like a fucking rock star. The words didn’t feel like mine. The radio signal coming through knew how to sing and it didn’t hurt my vocal cords.

I was looking at my hands play this crazy, complex piano song and I was like “OK, we’re jamming with a ghost.”

When I channel, it’s like astral projection with my eyes open. My consciousness took a back seat, I stepped back, observed, in disbelief, at that a very talented rock musician on the other side was teaching me a thing or two about the piano.

My fingers flew up and down the keyboard. My two hands were doing different things. I rocked with the music. I have never been able to do this with the piano and it came through, naturally and with ease, line I’d been playing the piano since childhood. It felt like second nature.

Then my body slowed the beat down and Zee and I played a beautiful jazz song. It was wonderful receiving the gift of song so I could flow with my lover.

After that, I lost it.

When the spirit left, Zee was like “WTF??! YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO!!!”

And I was like, “I KNOW!!! NOW DO YOU BELIEVE I’M A PSYCHIC MEDIUM?! That wasn’t me. If you ask me to play that again, I couldn’t.”

We got out the Ouija Board and asked the ghost pianist to tell us his name. He said his name was Buster, and he died in 1956. He played piano at a neighborhood bar. He was young and getting ready to start recording his first single when he died in a car crash in California. He was getting ready to sign a record deal for his single, “Friday Night.”

The whole time I was playing I was thinking “This sounds like Great Balls of Fire.” So I looked up when that song came out: Oct 30, 1957. A year after Buster died. I was definitely feeling the vibe of that time in rock-n-roll in that song.

Zee and I decided to invite Buster to play with us again some day if he likes. He’s a good piano teacher and I’d like to work with him again.

You don’t have to believe me, but believe THIS:

They say some people just start playing an instrument or painting or writing one day out of nowhere and it works for them. They a spark that starts a new passion.

For me, that’s piano I guess.

Anyway, I’ll never be able to play that song again, but I did learn some tricks on the piano.


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