Amature Paranormal Investigation at Home

Screen shots from my Ring of orbs.

Video of orbs

I have all of this minus the dog. The hidden passages ate questionable. I’ve found evidence of changes in floor plan of the building but the closest to a hidden room I’ve found is an old dumwaiter.

People have been asking so here are some camera screen shots of my ghosts/orbs/plant energy.

We have at least 30 house plants and they’re energy is off the charts. I think it’s because once a month, Plant Music Therapy comes and hooks one of her plants to a synthesizer so all the plants learned about music and they love it. I didn’t think the orbs could be the plants until I woke up from a trance during our last plant music session harmonizing in chant with the plant we were working with.

I noticed the camera is right by the green house room when I started looking into the orbs so I think the orbs are actually plant energy.

But whatever they are, they sure like to zoom by the camera every night. Whatever they are, it’s fun to see what I catch on camera.

P.S. There’s a bonus pic of a kitty kat visitor. Cats visit every night too. My partner and the secretary call the sidewalk “the catwalk”


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