My First Art Show since High School

A few years ago I decided to try my hand at fluorescent art. I visualized making black shadow boxes, mounting fluorescent art inside and attaching black lights to the inside of the box. I accumulated a stack of fluorescent art I created through the years and then this year I decided I’d see how the shadow box idea could manifest in reality. I started gathering everything I needed for the project shortly after surgery, but I was in no shape to complete the project. I found out that a local witch I know was looking for gallery submissions for an art show during my recovery. I told her about my idea and she said I could hang my art in the show when I was better. I completed 2 pieces in October and 2 in November so tomorrow they are going up in the gallery! I was kind of shocked when the pieces came together and looked great as a finished project. It will be awesome to share them with the public! I haven’t been in an art show since high school so this is exciting! 🎨


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