Angel of the Day: Lacabel

I’m working on my time management because I work WAY TOO MUCH. Because of this, I have piles of unfinished projects — my graphic novel project, a book I’m writing, getting classes together I want to teach, working on my Etsy — there’s just so much to do! I also just received a promotion in the Martinist Order to an Officer position so there is a lot on my plate! My business coach has asked me to write my ideal schedule.

The truth is, I have 3 jobs and I am dedicating too much time with no recognition to one. So I will be cutting over time at the job where I don’t get appreciation, recognization or paid for going above and beyond. I’m need to make time for what is important for ME. So I’m starting by drawing some hard boundaries with my job. Lacabel helps resolve professional issues so I think with this angel on my side, I’ll be able to make changes that reflect the time worked vs. appropriate level of dedication. Lolzzz it’s hilarious that working with this angel and God name inspired me to quietly quit (i.e. not put in over time and work only agreed hours).

Lecabel works with the God name לכב (also means to finish what you start).


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