Urban Faery Magick by Tara Sanchez a Book Review

I didn’t really give much thought to the fae before this year. I had a few encounters camping when I was in my 20s, but the fae wasn’t something I was looking for.

Last year, I moved into a spiritual center and started picking up strange tracers of light, orbs and even a glowing object that looked like it had wings on the security cameras. There were also a few “ghost” incidents and the building has a reputation for being haunted. My partner and I investigated strange incidents but never came up with anything to nail down.

Then one day while watering a plant, I thought I heard a small voice say “thank you” and I realized we must have faeries! So my partner picked up this book for us. It’s given me a new outlook on “the unexplained” and “hauntings”. We’ve been working through the exercises together and although my understanding of the fae is new, it’s fascinating and this is a good intro book to the idea of those spirits that aren’t deceased but not divine either.

The only critique I have is that this is very English and keeps a very English outlook on the topic. I would like to add that while living in the US as a descendant of colonizers, I would suggest those in the US to consider that some of the “fae” on this land are tied to Indigenous spirits and shouldn’t be whitewashed with European lore (although colonizers did also bring their fae with them).

Overall a wonderful into to getting to know the fae in an urban environment.


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