Alanna L.P.’s Uplifting Tarot Forecast 1/4/2023 Justice

The card of the Day is Justice from the Queer Tarot by Ash and Chess

#Wednesday 1/4/2023

#Numerology: 3


The Justice card appears bringing good news. If you are uncertain about how someone feels about you #VenusSexileJupiter appears to bring good energy to all relationships. Trust your intuition and you will find that harmonious feelings abound today

#Mantra: If it feels good it is good.

That’s all for #MagdalenaTarot Uplifting #dailytarotforecast with original coloring by Alanna L.P. (Me) for today! Check back every Monday-Friday.

The deck used today is #TheQueerTarot by Ash and Chess

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🔮This is a very general reading. Keep what resonates and take with you what makes sense. For a deeper personal understanding of where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going, contact me for a reading🔮

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