Alanna L.P.’s Uplifting Tarot Forecast 1/5/2023 Star

#Thursday 1/5/23

#Numerology: 4

#MoonEntersCancer 6:15 AM PST

#MoonVoidOfCourse 4:08 PM PST

#TheStar appears today bringing the hope for an exciting weekend a little early with #SunTrineUranus. Use that excitement to broaden your horizons! Whether if be pregaming the weekend or diving into a subject you want to learn more about (recommend because of the Moon Void of Course). The Star is also a card of mystical experiences so get spiritual this evening in preparation of the #fullmoonincancer tomorrow it won’t be boring! It could expand your life or even be life changing. The number of the day is 4, a number of building foundations.

#Manta: The future is bright.

That’s all for #MagdalenaTarot Uplifting #dailytarotforecast by Alanna L.P.! Check back every Monday-Friday.

The deck used today is #TheQueerTarot by @ashandchess

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🔮This is a very general reading. Keep what resonates and take with you what makes sense. For a deeper personal understanding of where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going, contact me for a reading🔮


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