Clearing clutter clears energy

Now that I’ve successfully learned to manage my time better, I’m tackling getting rid of junk and clutter that piled up over the past year. I’ve planned to use my PTO to take a 3 day weekend once a month and scheduled days off in advance. I’m spreading tasks out over several days instead of packing everthing I need to do into the weekend at my parttime jobs. I’m also refusing to work overtime I don’t get paid for at one of my part time jobs too. I’m literally getting back on my feet after an intense surgery so getting organized has been a task. During most of 2023, I was living in chaos because I was working overtime I wasn’t getting paid for while I was trying to “earn my keep” at a part time job. I was also sick and injured for half of the year and my partner was having health problems too so I was using PTO to take time to heal which sucked. I felt like I was drowning because I was stretched so thin and my health was terrible. It was really stressful and overwhelming and it took reading I’m Happy My Mom Died during surgery recovery to admit I needed to go back to therapy. It was a good move though. I connected with a great therapist who got me in touch with a business/financial coach. Both my therapist and my coach helped me figure out that learning time management skills would help elevate some of the stress. Now I’m actively applying these skills and I feel things are balancing out. So now that I’m moving out of that chaotic time, it’s onto throwing things out and making quarters habitable again because I had too mych on my plate to do it before. My goals over the next 3 months are: get my etsy studio running and create a comfortable work area for writing 2 new books.

I welcome a clear channel for creative energy to flow in 2023 by getting rid of junk and clutter I no longer need 🙏🏻


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