When Nanael is Afoot

Every morning I do a daily devotional. I read the motivational quote from my calendar, read from my Unity Temple devotionals, I look at the astrology for the day, and I draw an angel card, learn about the angel and meditate on the name of God that accompanies the angel, tuning into the power to co-create with God. Sometimes I scan a page from the Zohar in Hebrew too.

When I draw an angel card daily, I welcome the opportunity for a visitation, Nanael visited me for the 3rd time in a month today (2nd time in 10 days). I was surprised They came by again. I felt inspired to dive into angelology studies because Nanael helps bring inspiration to overcome great feats. My job requires me to hold on the line during calls so in my holding times, I put the pieces together about what I was being asked to do.

I wasn’t sure why Nanael’s was visiting so often but I felt I was being called to evoke Them and agreed to do it. The name of God to use with Nanael in Kabbalah is “No Agenda”. And I didn’t have one because I had no idea why I was being asked to do this, I just knew the presence was needed and They let me know They needed help so I lent a helping hand.

I found the sigil and the invocation (in Cabalah) so I traced the sigil in yellow on tracing paper and made plans to evoke with the names Adonai, Shemhamphorae, Nanael between 5:20 PM and 5:40 today (the proper timing). The instructed Pslam to use is Pslam 119 v. 75. To destroy the sigil, I chose Nanael’s element, water, and planned to destroy through submersion.

Nanel’s attribute is “God who brings down the proud.” I found it strange but I know angels are a do it now ask later kind if crowd so I accepted the task.

It got weird when I was talking to my managers after a hard day and the quote came up randomly “Never disrespect anyone. Pride comes before a Thunderous fall.” It was the meaning of Nanael’s name. Again, they were making Their presence known.

Right after I ended my call with my managers, I heard Trump got indicted.

I thought, “Nanael is afoot. It looks really bad for Trump if the angel of destroying the proud is coming for his ass. That’s like … Old Testament BAD.” In fact, the whole story of Trump reminds me of something from the Old Testament.

I had to work late and got off at 5:15 today. My dear friend, Amanda, was coming over for a walk so I quickly grabbed all my tools I needed for my ritual: frankincense, cauldron, coals, tongs, water vessel, ceremonial candles and candle sticks, matches, filtered water, sigil, lapislazul and my grimoire.

I washed my hands and drank some water.

Amanda arrived as I was about to start.

I let her in and she and I headed to the library where I was performing my ritual.

I ground up the frankincense, lit my coal, sprinkled the increase on it, lit the candles, called the directions, intoned the names and destroyed the sigil by submerging it in water. Then I took the water to the park.

City Park is always magical. A group of musicians were setting up to play music. It looked like jazz or classical. One of them had a trumpet. Earlier, as the request for the ritual was becoming clear in my mind, I thought the card of Nanael showed the angel holding a trumpet. I found it a bit eerie.

Amanda and I walked past the back of the zoo and noticed elephants!

We stopped for a meditation by the lake and sat down at a bench dedicated to 2 dear friends, Jean and Betsy. It felt special to sit there with my dear friend as I prepared to complete the destruction of the sigil.

I opened myself to the energy of Nanael. I sat with the connection, then dumped the water used to destroy the sigil and the biodegradable remains of the sigil into the water. Just then, a joyfully trumpet blast sounded across the lake. The musicians were playing jazz. The breeze blew. It was a beautiful moment.

I cried because I knew I was in the presence of an angel. The trumpet blast was confirmation that thy will had been done. My actions gave the angel a firmer footing on earth to do what it came here to do. I thought about the Torah again.

I knew all is right in the world and it is a very bad day to be Donald Trump — and anyone who is proud and mighty — because Nanael is afoot.

Amanda and I parted ways. I had dinner and found out another prediction I had made came true. It shook my foundation in my personal life but I thought back to my ritual and the magick of the evening and felt in my soul that I will be provided for.

So mote it be.


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