Magdalena Tarot Book Review: Powerful JuJu by Najah Lightfoot

I just finished #GoodJuju by @najahlightfoot (a LOVELY and magickal read) and am working through #PowerfulJuju. Powerful Juju is a wonderful book that uses music to help the seeker connect with goddesses. I like recommending songs to read my work to too so this book speaks to and inspires me.

I’ve been experiencing a call to reinvent myself so I’ve been doing a lot of journaling and meditating. This chapter spoke to me about reclaiming my power and has inspired me to work with #Sekhmet in my search for what this idea means to me.

One way I’ve started doing this is by making prints of my #indietarotcards available for purchase. I’d like to try to get into some art shows so the print experimentation starts here.

I worked with #Bastet to help me give Tarot readings to people at the 2022 Witches’ Ball, but I learned a lot about Sekhmet when researching what goddess I wanted to work with for witches’ ball. So in a way, I’m picking up where I left off.

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