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It’s been a while! How are you? Beltane Blessings! Spring is in it’s peak and there are flowers blooming everywhere. This is the time of year when I feel inspired to try new things.

I’ve been working hard at writing horoscopes for OUT FRONT Magazine since I left Magdalena Tarot Magazine. Writing horoscopes is a lot of work but I’ve learned so much about astrology! I decided that I wanted to share my horoscopes with you for free in my newsletter monthly to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you.

Another thing that happened because I started writing horoscopes is that I have an abundance of astrological material for each sign left over when I finish writing my horoscopes. I do so much astrology just to get a “back of the book” summary for each sign but astrology is so much more complicated than that. 

So I’ve decided to test out a new product and share it with you first. You can purchase your Sun sign, rising sign, moon sign or a package deal for all three at Enter the discount code ASTRODISCOUNT for 10% off astrology readings this month!

I’ve also been working on moving forward with Where There is No Night and turning it into a franchise. I am currently running the story in episodes on Kidle Vella, Amazon’s serialization platform. You can follow me as I reintroduce the story on Kindle Vella (you can read it with the Kindle app on your phone or directly on the website) and you can now buy collectable prints of the Tarot cards as each chapter is serialized on Kindle Vella. I need all the help I can get kicking it off so if you could go to Kindle Vella, like the story and give it stars it would help me with my numbers

Looking forward to sharing the new things I’ve learned with you! Here’s to new beginnings!

Alanna L.P.
Magdalena Tarot 

Horoscopes Intro
Welcome to Alanna L.P.’s Uplifting Horoscopes. These are very general readings that will resonate with many but not all of you. That’s OK! Take away what makes sense and leave what doesn’t behind. If you want a deeper understanding of what to expect this month, read your sun sign, your rising sign and your moon sign. You can find what these are by going to and get a free birth chart reading. 

If you would like to purchase your detailed May astrology report for your sun, rising or moon sign, go to deals also available! Please message me directly on Etsy with your sign to get started! Enter the discount code ASTRODISCOUNT to get 10% off your astrology forecast purchases this month! 

Horoscopes May 2023
Aries –  If you feel like life is pulling you in too many different directions, Dear Aries, now is the time to tighten your circle and stick close to home. Intimate celebrations with a small circle of loved ones may be the sweet spot for you this Pride.
Tarot Mantra:The Defender of Cups – Love is a journey.

Taurus – This month, Dear Taurus, you may feel inspired to express yourself in new ways. So throw some glitter on and go dancing. Who knows when and where sparks may begin?
Tarot Mantra: 6 of Swords Reversed – I celebrate who I am!

Gemini – Happy birthday, June Geminis! We love your words of wisdom! Making new discoveries about yourself can be refreshing this month. It might feel everyone is  blowing up your phone with something to say, so you take a time out if you need to clear your head.
Tarot MantraThe Leader – I’m taking a stand for myself and my community.

4. Cancer – Happy birthday, June Cancers! We love how you’re always there for us! This month you’re being called to boldly and unapologetically be yourself at Pride. If community is what you’re craving, get out to a Pride celebration and make connections!
Tarot Mantra:Two of Pentacles — I’m nurturing the true me.

5. Leo – Darling Leo, no one needs to tell you that you can have it all. You know you can. But the best way to get what you want this month is through developing a routine. It’s amazing what a big difference constancy makes.
Tarot MantraThe Moon – Self discovery is illuminating.

6. Virgo – Let the energy of Pride inspire you this month, Dear Virgo. The Sun is illuminating your hopes, wishes and dreams. If you feel energized, it’s time to get out there and show the world you’re ready to take a real chance on love.
Tarot Mantra: 7 of Cups Reversed – There’s plenty of fish in the sea but I’m after the best catch.

7. Libra –  The big picture is coming into focus and it’s time to make a big decision. You may receive important information from someone far away who will influence your choice. If someone tries to pull the wool over your eyes, be absolutely clear about your boundaries this time around.
MantraHealer of Pentacles Reversed – I know what’s best for me.

8. Scorpio – If past wounds are still holding you back from being who you really are this Pride, now is the time to bloom. You’ll attract like minded people who have the same passion and lust for life you do. And of course, as always, you can seek out professional help if healing feels too difficult to do by yourself.
Tarot Mantra5 of Swords Reversed – It’s time to face my fears.

9. Sagittarius – Satisfy your need for adventure and consider traveling to an out-of-town Pride this year! Take space from the expectations of others and have fun in the sun with a new crowd. It could just lead to a steamy romance.
Tarot Mantra: 5 of Wands Reversed —  I’ll go my own way.

10. Capricorn –  This Pride you may find yourself in an unconventional situation in love and relationships. The key is to remain open and communicative yet spontaneous while you playfully give something new a try!
Tarot MantraThe Sun – I let my love and happiness shine.

11. Aquarius – You may be feeling someone introverted this Pride, Dear Aquarius, and that’s OK! You can have just as much fun at home with loved ones as you can at a big party. Small, intimate gatherings will provide the intellectual stimulation. What you’ve looking for and may have been right in front of you the whole time.
Tarot Mantra: The Chariot Reversed – My home is my sanctuary.

12) Pisces – An increase in your workload could lead to increased stress and not a lot of time to party this month, Dear Pisces. But because your passion lies with the team, you’ll enjoy what you’re accomplishing. Just make sure to take time to paper yourself and relax to avoid burnout.
Tarot Mantra Messenger of Swords – I see change as an exciting opportunity.

Alanna L.P. Bio
Alanna L.P. is the owner of Magdalena Tarot, an occult lifestyle brand. She is known best for her internationally renowned predictions based on Tarot, numerology and astrology. She was also the resident psychic for Witch Way Magazine from Fall, 2015-Fall 2016 and interned with Biddy Tarot. If you enjoy her horoscopes, check out Magdalena Tarot Magazine on Amazon to take a deeper dive each much into Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and mysticism. Alanna has been published in the worlds of politics and entertainment as well and was the first hula hooper to ever have a weekly spot on television. She has been to/lived in over 11 different countries and has dedicated her life to the pursuit of love, light, wisdom and beauty. In her free time, she meditates, studies Spiritual Law, creates and enjoys art and practices her rap game. She lives in Denver, CO.If you loved the art from Where There is No Night, now you can buy each collectable Tarot card as it comes out! Go here to start collecting them all! Beltane Blessings to everyone. May the magick of Spring inspire you to keep growing in love and light. 

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