Tarot Forecast for March 1- March 7, 2015

Page of PentaclesThe overall energy of the week is the Page of Pentacles. The week, and the month of March as well, starts off with the Moon in Leo so March will certainly come in like a Lion. The Page of Pentacles is a dreamer, which is fitting to find in the month of Pisces. The page has an entrepreneur spirit and is always eager to try and learn new things. But the page reminds us to not get lost in the dreams of Pisces and complete what we start in order to move toward success. Beginnings and Endings are exciting, but every story has a middle too. There’s a full moon on Thursday so it’s the perfect time to focus on drawing what you need to you in order to hit your target. It’s the ninth week of the year so things are close to completion, just a little more attention to detail is needed before we push into the next cycle. Don’t forget to download your journal pages Journal Pages to help you get the most out of your week. Also, There is a newsletter launch coming very soon! Don’t miss out on updates and sign up here!

All times in the Forecast are set to Eastern Standard Time.

Knight of Pentacles Sunday 3/1/15 4 Knight of Pentacles
Numerology: 3
 Sun in Pisces, Moon enters Leo at 6:34 PM
There may be a tendency to want to skip steps or abandon projects altogether with the Moon void of course in Cancer and turn our dreams into nightmares with the Sun in Pisces influence. Since the moon is void of course until 6:34, it’s not a good time to start anything until the Moon is in Leo. The Knight of Pentacles calls us to take action and tie up loose ends in the downtime, especially on matters involving finances. This knight often doesn’t take the direct route, but meanders and enjoys the scenery while he travels toward his destination. However, Knight of Pentacles never leaves a task unfinished so rein your horse in until the Moon moves into Leo. You’ll have a boost of confidence so attack whatever task is at hand with the ferociousness of a lion.  The numerology of the day is 3, which represents past, present and future. It’s a reminder, once again, to experience the richness of the full experience of the beginning, middle and end of the events in our lives.
Mantra: I take the time to appreciate my journey.

Queen of Pentacles (1)Monday 3/2/15 Queen of Pentacles
Numerology: 4
Moon in Leo
The nurturing Queen of Pentacles understands the balance between home and work. She lives a cushy, comfortable life filled with material abundance. The movements of Mars and Venus today combined with the energy of the Moon in Leo may also leave you feeling sexy and flirty. Use this like the business minded Queen of Pentacles to your advantage. To amplify this, Jupiter is in Leo and Uranus is in Aries so your sense of empowerment will be tenfold. Use the earthy, grounding Queen of Pentacles energy to control the fiery dynamic energy of Leo. Don’t forget, however, that you need to pay attention to what’s going on at home even though there’s exciting energy buzzing all around you. This is reinforced with the numerology of the day, 4, which calls for stability and balance to create the flow you need to have a well rounded, productive, stress free day. If you balance the energies correctly today, you’ll be very pleased with the outcome.
Mantra: My work is separate from my home life and I chose to nurture both.

Ace of SwordsTuesday 3/3/15 Ace of Swords
Numerology: 5
Moon void of course at 3:48 AM
This is a day where you may have a spark of inspiration that should be contemplated and approached with caution, especially with the Moon void of course. Everything you do today can cut both ways so it’s extremely important to be rational and think everything through completely. Tuesday is ruled by Mars so it’s good to keep your temper in check. The numerology for the day is 5: unstable and unpredictable.
Mantra: My logic is my power.

Seven of CupsWednesday 3/4/15 Seven of Cups
Numerology: 6
Moon enters Virgo at 6:58 AM
The Pisces energy combined with the Seven of Cups will make it difficult to remain down to earth today. The almost full Moon opposes Neptune in the evening so you may feel too creative to sleep. It’s best to counter that tendency to daydream by focusing on the mundane, day to day tasks that move you along toward the future you’re dreaming of. That includes everything from regular book keeping to doing your laundry with the intention of manifesting the life you want to live. By living mindfully and taking time to enjoy the actions you’re doing, you will have more insight into how the present connects to the past and future. The numerology of the day is 6 so even though the things you do today are small, they’ll bring harmony into your life and help you avoid problems later down the road.
Mantra: Be here now.

The EmperorThursday 3/5/15 The Emperor
Numerology: 7
Full Moon at 1:05 PM Storm Moon
Moon Void of Course at 1:36 PM
In the Northern Hemisphere, the last full moon of winter is upon us, known as the Crow Moon by the Native Americans because it was thought that the kawing of the crows was their way of bidding farewell to winter. In Celtic lore, it’s associated with the Ogham Nuin, the center axis of the World Tree that connects past, present and future. The Norse god Odin, hung himself upside down on the World Tree for nine days and nine nights in self-sacrifice. According to Druid Erika Rivertree, “Through this action, Odin died so that he could be initiated into new consciousness.” This full moon, we are called to learn about sacrifice and what it entails so that we may grow. Much like Odin, the Emperor is a Father figure who has endured much to obtain great wisdom. He knows how to detach from pain and endure suffering in order for growth and change to happen. Set your intentions for this full moon so that we may pierce through the obstacles to obtain what we desire through sacrifice and endurance and push through to the end. The numerology of the day is 7 a number that calls upon us grow spiritually through reflection and discovery.
Mantra: No pain, no gain.

Queen of Pentacles (2)Friday 3/6/15 Ace of Pentacles
Numerology: 8
Moon enters Libra at 7:52 PM
You hold the seed of abundance that is ready to be planted. You may be feeling inspired in all kinds of ways with finance. Take time to look at your plans and make sure you’re putting in what you want to get back. The Moon is void of course so it’s not a good day for taking action but it’s a good day to clear the way for the abundance that’s on the way. As Brigit from Biddy Tarot says, “Aces in the Tarot are like Sprouting Seedlings just about to break through the ground to full potential.” Take stock and see what conditions need to be in place in order for your ace of pentacles to sprout into a flower. According to Astrologist, Jodie Lewin “Very late in the evening, the Moon will make a supportive sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius, helping you to happily fulfill our commitments to others and providing the opportunity for some meaningful connections with loved ones and close friends.”
Mantra: Nurturing my potential will bring abundance.

Queen of Cups0004Saturday 3/7/15 The Queen of Cups
Numerology: 9
Moon in Libra
The Queen of Cups is intuitive and emotional. She sense the needs and feelings of others but sometimes neglects herself. The Moon in Libra reminds us that we need to have a balance between the emotional support we give others and our own self-care. The numerology for the day is 9, which suggests that we are wrapping up the week and it’s time to take action to make sure we start the next week off right.
Mantra: My needs and feelings are just as important as the needs and feelings of others.


I’m Alanna L.P., also know as D’arcy Decadence, of Magadalena Tarot Inc.  I’ve been reading Tarot for 10 years and I’m also a Magickal Qabalaist and practicing witch. With the growing shift of consciousness in my generation, my aim is to reinvent Tarot and help millennials find spiritual growth and guidance through multimedia interaction. If you’d like deeper insight into how the Tarot plays into your life, book a reading with me here. If you’d like to receive updates by e-mail, go here.

JodieJodie Lewin is the founder of Braveheart Astrology. She uses astrology to help women over 30 get clear about their purpose so they can reach their potential and live a more joyful, meaningful and abundant life. She also helps entrepreneurs brand their business so it aligns with their personality and purpose, and helps them make better business decisions by understanding and making the most of the cosmic energies available to them. Connect with Jodie at Braveheart Astrology.


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