Welcome, Diana 

Happy #FullMoon! I could have gone with a #Capricorn theme but I settled on strictly lunar instead. 

This is a sort of test run for the #altar I’m going to help build for a trance party this weekend (real candles will be traded for electric tea lights for safety). 

There are 4 other ladies working on it but this is the energy I’m contributing. It will be interesting to see how #Diana gets along with trance. She’s rather reclusive but I think if I build a good home for her, she’ll be happy outside under the moon 💖 

My intention is for Diana to teach me how to be a straight shooter so that my will never misses the target. As I begin a life of being single after 5 years of being in a relationship, I can now focus on my wants and needs and no one else’s. This is why I’ve chosen to work with the Lady of the Wild Hunt. Guide my hand and steady my aim. Let the fear go and let strength only remain.

My reading for working with Diana is as follows: “when good fortune strikes it will come fast and quick, and I will guide your hand when it’s time to strike. For now, walk in woods with me and I will teach you how to aim.”

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