I Need to Work on My Time Management Skills …

The good news is @witchesballdenver was a huge success this year! I had not only a Tarot booth but a #MagdalenaTower booth run by @thirdheavenholistichealing ! We killed it with sales and I think it may be the most successful Magdalena Tower outting yet!

The bad news is that my time management skills suck and I put so much energy into witch’s ball that I didn’t have any left to do the Forecast this week. So my #Samhain resolution, because it is the witch’s New Year, is to balance my time so that #magdalenatarot MagdalenaTarot and Magdalena Tower continue to grow.

I was also honored to wear this custom #goddessisis costume by @badappleboutique to honor one of my most beloved goddesses. However, as the night went on I felt more and more like #hathor and people even called me by the goddess’ name. It was very special to know that I had pulled off my first successful evocation and I was able to embody the goddesses at the Witch’s Ball.

Halloween season is almost over so I will be back on track with the forecast soon and practicing my time management skills. Success comes with it’s own challenges but never give up!

Have a Very #HappySamhain and I’ll be back next week 🎃

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