Eclipse in Sagittarius musings

Tree of Life Tarot Reading

I have a Tree of Life reading listed in my Etsy shop, but I didn’t have any pictures available as to what that reading would look like for customers to examine.

During this eclipse it’s advisable to focus on what aspects to Sagittarius governs in your chart. For me that’s my second house, and it is work related. Here’s a good reference for houses. If you want A copy of your astrology chart so you can find out what house this eclipse falls in for you, you can get one free here

So for the lunar eclipse in sagittarius, I decided to complete my mapping of the Tree of Life on my wall and try out a reading for myself.

I now have pictures and a better description of what this reading involves because it’s my most viewed item on Etsy but no one has bought one yet.

Overview of my Tree of Life Reading:

The horoscope above is a pretty good description of what I got out of my reading for myself. I will be using some Qabalah vocabulary but it’s not essential to know anything about Qabalah to understand my reading explanation.

Based on my reading, I am being told that the path for me to focus on now is moving on from past traumas in love and relationships (6 of Swords in Kether). I’m not ready to attract what I want yet so I need to give it a rest and focus on my spiritual pursuits and building my brand and my business (7 of Swords and 4 of Swords in Chokmah). As a Capricorn, this makes a lot of sense since work is a spiritual experience for me. If I’m not working, I feel empty. Work is one of the most spiritually satisfying things I can do.

My reading also told me that I must act like the Queen of Swords (Queen of Swords and Ace of Swords in Daath. Also 6 of Swords in Kether) by continuing to cut away people and attachments that no longer serve me so that I can vibrate on a higher level. This will bring stability to my shaky foundation in my work and financial life (2 of Pentacles in Malkuth and 9 of Swords in tiphareth). It also told me that the biggest thing holding me back is my anxiety which is purely intellectual and turning worries over again and again in my head does not help me move on. (9 of Swords in tiphareth and 6 of Swords in Kether, 7 of Swords in Chokmah)

Another thing that came to like two is a dream that I had about an ex that I wish I’d never gotten involved with. The dream pointed to the fact that I am still very damaged from the misogyny that I experience in that relationship with both my ex and his stupid roommate who encouraged the misogyny. This anger I can’t seem to overcome prevents me from having healthy relationships with men, and I am currently in search of a new therapist who can help me overcome this anger, release that experience and move on. Until then, I won’t be able to successfully attract what I’m looking for because my opinion of the Divine Masculine who appears to be in a great crisis, is very low right now.

One thing my reading did bring up and it’s in the supernal triad of the Tree of Life is that I got the seven of swords in Chokmah. That is a direct block of everything that’s coming down from Kether so there is no way for the energy I’m using to try to manifest a soulmate meeting to come to me. It always appears to get carried off by a 7 of Swirds character. It seems that I manifest toxic masculine because I’m not seeing anything else. So I pulled another card and got the four of swords which also backs up the theory that I need to give it a rest and stop looking for a relationship … which I thought I’ve done but sometimes I still feel a longing to make a real connection with someone because it’s been so long.

Anyway I’ll make another post about how are use the tree of life and it’s paths in a reading before I update my Etsy posting. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these readings, you can do so here. I broke my arm, but talk to text is a miracle worker, so I will be able to do digital readings, it just might take a couple extra days.

Blessings for your eclipse season!

This reading sums up pretty much what my tree of life reading told me and I’m more simplistic fashion. You get back what you give, and also the path of strength in my reading told me that the wait I’m experiencing for my soulmate to appear it’s only making me stronger. I have to heal first before I can attract the kind of partner that I’m looking for.

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