Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 7: The Chariot Sagittarius 2021 Free Download

Hi everyone,

I’ve been really sick and my phone is broken so I haven’t hyped the free download this month. But if you would like to get a free copy of this upcoming issue, you can still download it from Amazon until 12/15! Happy reading!

Shoot for the stars this Sagittarius season and move forward with the Chariot! In this issue of Magdalena Tarot Magazine, we take an in depth look at the Chariot card, go over the astrology for the month of Sagittarius, a I Ching reading for the month is also included, as well as an erotic piece dedicated to the Aphrodite in honor of Venus retrograde, and the cation gets ready to kick off in Where There is No Night, chapter 6: The Two of Cups.

Let’s get ready to move into 2022 with the Chariot!

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