Big news, P.R.A.P.Stars! P.R.A.P. was signed by KNNO Sounds! Due to being picked up by a label! We can now afford more equipment thanks to our generous signing bonus. This means that we can get back to making music for you for our upcoming album! Watch us signing our contract here!

P.R.A.P. also has a new member! Meet Harry Starr!

We’ve also upped our social media game! Stay up to date with us across platforms!

YouTube: Yung Krone Skyrocker

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/yung-krone-skyrocker

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/P-R-A-P-101791872344700

Instagram: @people_rapping_about_punk

Website: https://magdalenatarotinc.com/p-r-a-p/

We’re still selling merch! We have our offical T-shirt design and limited edition P.R.A.P. cancels the NRA design available! We’re building something really exciting so become a P.R.A.P.Star and buy a shirt!

Official P.R.A.P. band t-shirt price of $26.01 (+ $3.99 for shipping and handling)

Limited Edition t-shirt price of $36.01 (+ $3.99 for shipping and handling)  

Your purchase includes: 

  • Price of shirt production
  • Shipping
  • A little bit of extra profit to help us buy equipment

As always, we are taking donations because being a musician is expensive! you can also show your love by donating to us!

If you’d rather just kick us donations, you can do so here: 

For Vemo Users, please send money to @EmilySkyrocker

Before we go, we’d like to let you know we have a Patreon account in the works.  Here you will be able to see cool stuff like outtakes from our recording sessions, podcast-style confessions, behind-the-scenes works in progress, and sneak peeks!  Follow us on social media to stay updated!