That time P.R.A.P. missed a calculation and ended up in a future past with Dino-rona! There was a pandemic then too! Fuckin A. Hard times traveling the verses with discalculalia! That was back in 192013! What a ride!

What is P.R.A.P.? Only the most important band from the future past! We are an electronic experimental music project from the alternate 80s, a cyber punk universe that exists where Carter, not Reagan, won the 1980 election with a landslide. We’re here to talk about the issues that matter and help the past future move into a new era. Yung Krone and Skyrocker mix the activism of punk, the rhythms of hip hop, and the synthetic sounds of the future to create an aural sensation that always begins as a protest!

Antifa Gangsta Style

P.R.A.P. stands for motherhood being a choice! We’ve been out in the streets protesting since Roe vs. Wade was overturned and now we’re back in the studio.

We’re cooking up a new song for your next protest after a little break. It’s call “P.R.A.P *sslts C*ngr*ssm*n at G*th Cl*b” or “Goth Club” for short.
Stay tuned to find out more.📢

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Our limited edition t-shirt for our first single, our first demo, “P.R.A.P. Cancels the NRA.” This shirt will only be available until we release our next single, so don’t dally, get this cool shirt before it’s gone!

Limited Edition t-shirt price of $36.01 (+ $3.99 for shipping and handling)

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Before we go, we’d like to let you know we have a Patreon account in the works.  Here you will be able to see cool stuff like outtakes from our recording sessions, podcast-style confessions, behind-the-scenes works in progress, and sneak peeks!  Follow us on social media to stay updated!