Hey there, P.R.A.P. Stars!  We have some super exciting news for you!  

We’re gearing up for our very first show!  We’ll be performing a few of our original songs at Punketry at Mutiny Café on December 8, 2021! 

We need a few pieces of equipment to get going, so we’re doing our own version of a BAKE SALE!  

We designed this merch, and we’ll be doing a very limited run of up to 50 shirts to sell to our friends and supporters. 

The t-shirt price of $36.01 (+ $3.99 for shipping and handling) covers:

  • Price of shirt production
  • Shipping
  • A little bit of extra profit to help us buy equipment

What will P.R.A.P. buy with the Bake Sale profit? (in this order)

  • Two (2) Shure SM58 microphones (approximately $100 each)
  • Assorted audio cables (aproximately $50)
  • Sonarworks SoundID Reference software (aproximately $200)
  • Teenage Engineering PO-32 drum machine (if we have any money leftover approximately $100)
  • Any remaining money will go to paying us back for the purchase of the Xfer Records Serum instrument (approximately $190)
  • TOTAL needed: Approximately $640

If you’d rather just kick us donations, you can do so here:

What is P.R.A.P.? Only the most important band from the future past! We are an electronic experimental music project from the alternate 80s, a cyber punk universe that exists where Mondel, not Reagan, won the 1984 election with a landslide. We’re here to talk about the issues that matter and help the past future move into a new era. Yung Krone and Skyrocker mix the activism of punk, the rhythms of hip hop, and the synthetic sounds of the future to create an aural sensation that always begins as a protest!


Listen to some raw freestyles to get an idea of what we’re all about!